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SkullCandy Merge In-Ear Headset Stereo Headphones-White-Excellent

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10% will be donated to the NCADV

Quick Overview

The Skullcandy Merge Stereo Headset is specifically engineered for the mobile user. It equalizes tonal balance, mic functionality and a unique design. Angled earbuds allow for better fit and comfort. The Mic 1 provides users with a variety of functions, including send/receive calls, play/pause, and track control. The Merge is compatible with most smartphones with a 3.5mm audio port.


Headphones will be shipped in original packaging!

Bridging the gap between Supreme Sound and Mic/Remote functionality, this in-ear bud has quickly emerged as the go-to piece for any immobile user.

  • Audio Headset Features: 3.5mm Plug, Pause and Answer Buttons on Cord
  • Ear Cushion Material: Rubber
  • Includes: Ear Gels

Wired Connectivity: 3.5mm Jack

  • Features Audio Headset: 3.5mm Plug, Pause and Answer Buttons on Cord    
  • Ear Cusion: Material: Rubber
  • Magnet Type: Neodymium

Condition Description

These phones are flawless and are like new. These phones will have no sign of use at all and could likely come in OEM packaging.


These phones will appear flawless but upon a closer look there may be subtle signs of previous use. It is possible that there will be some signs of use on the screen and there will be some minor signs of use on the housing of the phone, however, these will be difficult to notice with the naked eye.

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These phones may exhibit slightly more wear than our “Excellent” phones. They may have some slight wear on the screen but it will not be easy to spot. The housing of the phone may have some minor scuffs or scratches but these will also be difficult to notice.

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These phones have obviously been used before and show common signs of wear such as scuffs or scratches on both the screen and the housing. There can be dings in the frame of the phone or lots of noticeable wear around audio and charging ports. None of these cosmetic conditions will affect the functionality of the phone.

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These phones will have very noticeable signs of wear on the screen, housing and the back of the phone. The scuffs, scratches and dings may be deeper and larger than those of our “Good” phones. None of these cosmetic conditions will affect the functionality of the phone.

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